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Free time
and time out
Free time and time out

The daily routine and life of families with a sick child can be challenging and stressful, with little room for rest and relaxation.

Islands of recreation thus become all the more important and should find a regular place in the lives of families. Fortunately, there are many different foundations, associations and organizations that offer vacation and leisure activities for affected children and young people. These include supervised trips and vacation camps as well as accessible excursion destinations, youth groups, sports programs, etc.

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Important notes

Note 1: Take care of the planning of the vacation season early on

If you are parents are working, the many school vacations can often be a challenge Challenge. Early planning with employers, supplemental care providers and/or the supportive environment should not be forgotten. Share your with other families in similar situations and find out how to solve such how such situations can be solved.

Note 2: Not all tools need to be purchased new

Aids can sometimes be bought well "second hand". Browse the various classifieds portals as well as social media groups (e.g. our KMSK Facebook group). Maybe you will find what you are looking for. Here it is also worthwhile to take a look at the German market, which is usually more extensive and cheaper.

Note 3: Many different leisure and time out offers

There are many different leisure and time-out offers for different needs. Find out about opportunities in your region/canton and at associations, foundations, etc. where you may already be part of the community.

Important questions

Who offers vacation activities for children and young people (and their families)?

Aladdin Foundation

The vacation weeks of the Aladdin Foundation always take place during the Autumn vacations. They allow families of children with special needs a one-week break. Parents, affected and healthy children can do things together during the and healthy children are allowed to do things together and pursue individual activities without Activities together without having to worry about organizational matters have to.

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Vacation week

Blindspot - Inclusion and Diversity Promotion in Switzerland

Blindspot organizes summer and winter camps for children- and teenagers both with or without impairments between the ages of 10 and 19. They can share their passion with friends as well as siblings while pursuing self-determined leisure activities.

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Summer and winter camps


diabetesschweiz organizes a summer camp for children and adolescents with diabetes.

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Summer camp

Elpo's umbrella organization of ADHD organizations

The Elpos regional associations offer various activities and Courses. For example, the Central Switzerland regional association organizes an Weekend with the affected child and a parent in the forest, or a weekend for affected a weekend for affected persons and their siblings. Browse the website of your regional association.

Parents' Association for the Child with Heart Disease

Every year during the summer vacations, a camp week is held for around 30 children and young people with heart disease. To ensure optimal medical care medical care, a doctor and a nurse are present around the clock and a nurse are present around the clock.

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Heart Camp


Epi-Suisse regularly organizes accompanied day excursions as well as vacation weeks and camps for children and adolescents with epilepsy, which are adapted to the needs of the participants and are accompanied by and are accompanied by trained specialists.

hiki - association help for brain injured children

At kulturhof Weyeneth in Nennigkofen individual vacation stays are offered. Children and adolescents with disabilities can spend their holidays alone, together with Siblings or in a small group spend their vacations on the farm. During this time, 1:1 supervision is guaranteed.

Further there is a youth weekend for teenagers and young adults with a brain injury Brain injury. It offers them the opportunity to do something together with their peers and to have fun to do something and have fun together with peers without disabilities.

Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland

The Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland organizes varied Vacations and excursions in a loving environment to give children with cancer and their families and their families powerful time out.

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Vacations and activities

Pro Juventute

Pro Juventute finances a time-out for affected families after their child's hospitalization, together with Innova Versicherungen. This time-out takes place in the Hotel Chesa Spoundas and can be applied for by families in German-speaking Switzerland whose child has been in hospital for at least 2 weeks.

Procap Travel & Sport

Procap Reisen & Sport organizes individual and group For people with handicaps and also offers specific packages for children and Children and teenagers, which can be found in the vacation catalog.

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Swiss Muscle Society

The Swiss Muscle Society offers annual summer camps for children and adolescents, which are organized and run by the Organized and carried out by the society. Members of the Muscle Society receive a generous discount.

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Summer camp

Kifa Switzerland Foundation

The Kifa Foundation offers vacation weeks for families whose children in need of care are looked after by Kifa. 8 to 10 children in need of care Children benefit once a year from the vacation week, during which they are cared for cared for by their personal caregiver. This allows the parents to recharge their batteries during this "free" week and gives them time for their siblings.

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Vacation weeks

Sunshine Foundation

The Sonnenschein Foundation organizes a summer camp every year for children with cancer and their families. Thanks to medical support, families whose families whose child is currently undergoing treatment can also participate.

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Summer camp

Who offers a sports and exercise program for children and young people with special needs?

enea21 dance school

enea21 is a dance school for children from 8 years and adults with trisomy 21 and can be attended in Lucerne, Aarau or Winterthur, depending on where you live.

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enea21 dance school

PluSport Disabled Sports Switzerland

PluSport Behindertensport Schweiz offers together with the Vereinigung Cerebral Schweiz offers indoor and outdoor games as part of the inclusive "Parcours - sport for all". The course includes 12 indoor and 5 outdoor games. During the design process, special care was taken to ensure that the course is accessible to all Accessible for all types of disabilities.

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Parcours - sport for all

Procap Travel & Sport

Procap Travel & Sport offers (barrier-free) Leisure activities for people with special needs. This includes also some offers for children and young people in the area of sports and Courses, the "Open Sunday Inclusion" as well as a listing of accessible barrier-free swimming pools.

What barrier-free excursion destinations and vacation accommodations are there for families with children and young people with illnesses in wheelchairs or special buggies?

Claire & George

Hotelspitex is a service for guests with special needs and is operated by the Claire & George Foundation. Hotelspitex includes services such as outpatient care (Spitex), walking assistance, aids or transport, which can be booked together with the hotel via the Claire & George hotel platform.

Vacation hotel Lake Constance

The barrier-free vacation hotel in Switzerland in Berlingen on Lake Constance enables children with special needs and their parents to enjoy beautiful and barrier-free vacations.

Procap Travel & Sport

Procap Travel & Sport offers barrier-free travel information about Switzerland as well as worldwide (city-, Regional and country guides available online or as PDFs) and lists on its website, among other things, barrier-free accommodation, vacation apartments with care beds assisted vacation offers as well as obstacle-free hiking trails and swimming pools.

Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis offers a map with the title "Obstacle-free Switzerland" Switzerland", which provides information on the accessibility of buildings and facilities for for people with disabilities.

Think of me foundation

Think of Me Foundation offers a map listing the locations of playgrounds that are for everyone and that were realized as part of a project of the Foundation.

In addition, maps are maintained that include all Reka vacation villages and accessible youth hostels.

Who offers other recreational activities for children and adolescents with illnesses and their families?

Dreamnight at the Zoo

Dreamnight at the Zoo" takes place on the first Friday of every June. Various zoos in Switzerland open their doors late in the afternoon exclusively on this day for children with a serious illness or disability and their families.

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Dreamnight at the Zoo

Relief days, weekends, weeks and co.

For your children days, weekends, weeks, etc., organized by foundations, day schools, children's homes and so on, Organized by foundations, day schools, children's homes, etc., can be just as much of a leisure and time-out experience for your children as well as for you parents. The children spend time with other children and are professionally cared for, while you Parents can recharge your batteries and do something for you and/or your siblings do.

Check out for this at: Relief through care and support

(Question: What temporary external offers are available for affected families with regard to care and relief (e.g. relief weekend)?)


FRAGILE Suisse offers a varied course program for people with a brain injury and their relatives. Here, affected people can cook, get creative, exercise, improve their computer skills and memory, and learn more about brain injuries and their consequences.


Hussglön visits children, young people and adults with disabilities, serious chronic illnesses or difficult life situations. The visits take place at home, in institutions or where people are being cared for.

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Huusglön visits

JUBLA for all

The Jungwacht and Blauring groups are basically open to children with special needs. In some cases, there are even groups that are explicitly geared to children with and without special needs (for example (e.g. JUBLA Gränzelos). Find out specifically for your place of residence / canton with an internet search Canton of residence with an internet search. Below you will find a few examples.

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JUBLA without borders (LU)

Jubla Zug (ZG)

Jubla Grisons (GR)

Kluser llamas

Kluser Lamas offers weekends for siblings and Children with a disability or illness. Here farm animals can be and walks with llamas, alpacas, ponies and donkeys can be arranged carried out.


Together with local organizers and sponsors, the LAKERlDE association organizes a charity event every year. The event prepares people with a disability an unforgettable excursion experience as a guest (rider) on a sports boat.

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LAKERlDE locations

Lola sherbet

Lola Brause is the family leisure calendar for the entire German-speaking part of Switzerland. Children with special needs and their family have the opportunity at Lola Brause to find events that are also suitable for their child.

Music schools for children and young people with disabilities

Musical education has the same function for people with and without Impairment have the same function. It is a means of expression and communication, it serves the relaxation and promotes the development of different Abilities. Various music schools offer individual and/or Group lessons for children with special needs. Here you can find a few examples:

Shooting Star Foundation

With the Leisure Stars and the Shooting Star Card, the Shooting Star Foundation gives away excursions to Sternschnuppe Foundation offers excursions to partner institutions in the leisure and cultural sectors and pays the entrance fees. This offer is aimed at families with a child between the ages of 6 and 18 who suffers from a handicap or serious illness Serious illness.

Sternschnuppe also supports projects which bring joy and And variety into the lives of children in residential homes, hospitals, curative schools etc. (e.g. school excursion, summer camp, Circus week).

Pfadi Defiance All

The PTA organizes scouting activities for Children and youth with mental, physical or multiple disabilities Impairments. The needs-oriented program is based on the principles of the The Swiss Scout Movement and supports the participants as individually as possible individually. They are given the opportunity to discover the world, ask questions and questions and gain experience. Scout groups in your area can be found with the link below. Note: if you do not find anything in your region search the internet for PTA and your canton, you may find something something.


Procap organizes an electronic calendar of events in which many events are recorded that are specifically aimed at people with disabilities or their environment.

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Procap calendar of events

Foundation for the child at risk of leukemia

Aims to care for children who are at risk from leukemia. To improve the quality of life of children with long-term illnesses, animal sponsorships are made possible at the Basel Zoo.

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Animal sponsorships

Who provides wish fulfillment for children and adolescents with illnesses?

Lula Fund (LU)

Lula-Fonds fulfills a personal wish for children with life-threatening illnesses who have to stay at Kispi Luzern for more than 14 days, so that they can better survive everyday hospital life.

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Wish fulfillment

Make a Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation Switzerland and Liechtenstein realizes the Heartfelt wishes of 3- to 18-year-old children suffering from a serious illness. The work is to give seriously ill children a precious and unique moment possible.

Interesting links

Enable wishes

Shooting Star Foundation

The "Stiftung Sternschnuppe" fulfills wishes and makes dreams come true dreams come true to give sick children and young people an unforgettable experience unforgettable experience. At the same time, parents and siblings should also be able to participate.

Interesting links

Heart's Desires

Wonder Lamp Foundation

The Wunderlampe Foundation fulfills the heart's desires (experience and video wishes) of children and young people and video wishes) of children and young people who are living with a severe Illness or impairment. It creates a unique experience for the Experience for the person making the wish and their family.

Interesting links

Heart's Desires

wunschambulanz.ch SAW

The Swiss association of volunteer active professionals fulfills wishes / heartfelt requests of terminally ill people of all ages free of charge.

Where can I find aids for leisure?

SAHB IV Depot & second hand market

The disability insurance depot for medical aids (IV depot) is managed on behalf of the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO). There, 1) high-quality second-hand aids are lent and sold, which enable Enable people with special needs to lead a self-determined life. In the workshops of the depots, the used equipment is overhauled and controlled Quality guidelines and are prepared for their next use prepared. In addition, 2) a second-hand market is available online around the clock and brokers privately financed second-hand aids for people with physical physical limitations, free of charge and without complications. The advertisements are checked by the SAHB within one working week and are then activated.

Procap Classifieds

On the electronic exchange organized by Procap Switzerland, free classified ads can be placed for the following categories (but also partnership/friendship, assistance, service and miscellaneous) and miscellaneous) can be posted and searched for.

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Other portals

On social media platforms, there are various parent groups of Children with rare diseases and special needs. Take a look at for example our KMSK Facebook groupwhere one or the other second hand items or other families have valuable tips for you ready for you. In addition, you can look out on Ebay classifieds, Ricardo and Co can be found.

Look for this at

Exchange with affected families

Swiss Handicap AG

The national trade fair for people with and without disabilities addresses topics related to living with an intellectual, physical, mental or sensory disability. Many exhibitors present solutions, aids, services and trends. In addition, there is an extensive event and lecture program as well as many sports activities to participate in.

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Swiss Handicap AG

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