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Important contact points on the topic of rare diseases

The Association for Children with Rare Diseases summarizes here the contact points we know of that deal with rare diseases. Please contact us Contact if you would like to report an additional contact point.

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Active Communication

Provides consultations and assistive technology services in the area of digital assistive technologies to promote inclusion for people with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Adeli Medical Center (Slovakia)

International rehabilitation center specialized in the treatment of patients* with neurological deficits. The following diagnoses are among the core competencies: Cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and congenital neurological deficits.

Advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of life. To this end, the organization represents their interests vis-à-vis politics, administration, the media and the public and provides knowledge and contact transfer.


As part of the Basel Disability Forum, this counseling center offers information and advice on the topics of self-determination, relationships and sexuality for people with cognitive impairments.

Aladdin Foundation

Supports families of children with an illness or disability by having volunteers visit hospitalized children, allowing parents to be close to the hospitalized child, and providing vacation experiences together.

allani Children's Hospice Bern

Wants to provide a place with space for six to eight children with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The children should be able to spend time in the children's hospice and also die.

Angelman Association Switzerland

Provides information, advice and support to parents, relatives and friends of people with Angelman syndrome.

Working group per perception

Association of professionals, relatives and other interested parties that works to solve problems associated with perceptual disorders. The APW promotes, among other things, the further education and training of people with perception disorders and their relatives.


AsFam supports family caregivers in providing care at home and provides expertise to parents of children with rare diseases.

Assistance Exchange

Facebook group with job requests and offers in the field of personal assistance.

Assistance Office ABü

Aims for people with a disability to promote and develop a life with personal assistance.

Association of Swiss Psychotherapists (ASP)

Professional association of Swiss psychotherapists of all specialties.


Audiopedagogical services and educational institutions in German-speaking Switzerland. Contact for affected families, schools, vocational training institutions, authorities and specialized agencies when it comes to the education of children and adolescents with a hearing and/or communication impairment.

avanti donne

Network of and for women and girls living with a disability. Acts as an advocacy group, point of contact and for contact mediation.

Disability Forum

Represents concerns and rights of people with disabilities.

Professional Association for Early Remedial Education BVF

The professional association of German, Rhaeto-Romanic and Italian-speaking Switzerland is committed to the professional field of early remedial education and represents the interests of its members.

Professional Association HeilEurythmy

Professional association of all eurythmy therapists in Switzerland who have completed training recognized by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

Education and care

The Swiss Association for School Day Care promotes the expansion and qualitative development of the various educational and childcare services such as lunch tables, day nurseries, day structures and day schools.

Blindspot - Inclusion and Diversity Promotion Switzerland

Promotes inclusion and diversity and organizes numerous activities and projects in the areas of school, work, leisure and knowledge.

buk - Association Education for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

offers modules and practical courses to provide professionals, relatives and affected persons with the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in augmentative and alternative communication or to deepen their knowledge of specific topics. Switzerland AG

Digital platform for finding and coordinating care providers in Switzerland. This includes childcare and can be used in part to find care for affected children or alternatively for siblings.

Castillo Morales Association e.V.

Preservation, further development and dissemination of the Castillo Morales® concept, a holistic, neurophysiologically oriented therapy concept for persons with communicative, sensorimotor and orofacial disorders.

Centre de coordination et de soins (CORAIL)

This center welcomes children with a rare disease from the earliest age to 18 years of age to diagnose or coordinate a care pathway in close collaboration with all stakeholders who care for the child and his or her family. These children are referred by a pediatrician, a specialist, the HUG developmentcenter or at the request of the parents.

Centre Maladies Rares des Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

Centre Maladies Rares du Centre hospitalier universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

Centro per le Malattie Rare della Svizzera Italiana (CMRSI)

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

CFS - Cystic Fibrosis Switzerland

To provide advice and support to those affected by cystic fibrosis (CF) and their families and to promote research into the cause and treatment of CF.

CHIP - IG Phenylketonuria

Community of interest for people with phenylketonuria (PKU) and other congenital protein metabolism disorders. Promotes the exchange of information and represents the interests of those affected.

Claire & George

Offers barrier-free travel including services such as outpatient care (Spitex), walking assistance, aids or transportation, which can be booked together with the hotel via the Claire & George hotel platform.

Cranio Suisse

Professional association representing the interests of craniosacral therapists in the public and in professional political organizations.

Crohn's Colitis Switzerland

Self-help initiative by patients for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Provides for exchange and publicity.

Cuore Matto

Association for adolescents and adults with congenital heart disease.

Umbrella organization Hospices Switzerland

Representation of interests of hospices and institutions of inpatient specialized palliative care based in Switzerland.

The other child

Chat forum for parents of children with diseases and disabilities.

Debra Switzerland

Patient organization providing advice, support and networking for those affected by epidermolysis bullosa and their families.

Swiss-German Speech Therapists Association

Represents the interests of members and their clients, promotes education and training, and facilitates networking.

Dreamnight at the Zoo

Takes place on the first Friday of every June. Various zoos in Switzerland open their doors late in the afternoon exclusively on this day for children with a serious illness or disability and their families.

Duchenne Switzerland

Association that supports people affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy and their relatives, enables exchange and serves as an information platform.

easyCab AG

Europe-wide transport service for patients who require medical care during transfer.

ELA Switzerland

Association of people affected by leukodystrophies and their relatives. Provides support, information exchange and research funding.

Parents Forum Central Switzerland

Annual event for people with disabilities, their parents, relatives, professionals and politicians.

Parents' Association for the Child with Heart Disease (EVHK)

Parents' association of children with heart disease for self-help, information and public relations.

Parents' Association for the Child with Liver Disease (EVLK)

Provides a network, acts as an advocate, and advocates for organ donation.


Provides information, support and exchange on disabilities and chronic diseases. The aim is to offer affected persons and their relatives as much help as possible to help themselves.


Dance school for children from 8 years and adults with trisomy 21 and can be attended in Lucerne, Aarau or Winterthur, depending on where you live.

Relief Service Switzerland

Switzerland-wide association for the support and relief of caring relatives and people with impairments.

Occupational Therapists Association Switzerland

Professional association of occupational therapists in Switzerland


Eurokey is a locking system widely used in Europe that can be opened with a universal key. Special facilities in public areas, which must be lockable for safety or operational reasons, are made accessible to people with disabilities thanks to Eurokey.

EURORDIS - Rare Diseases Europe

Alliance of rare disease patient organizations from across Europe.


Information on Fabry disease for patients, relatives and physicians.

Specialized office for sexual education and counseling

Provides sex consultation and personal counseling for adolescents and sex education events in schools and extracurricular settings.

Offers psychological counseling (in the area of Schaffhausen, Beringen, Guntmadingen) around the topics of partnership, sexuality, family planning, disability as well as mourning.

Family Bereavement Support

Network of trained professionals for grief work with children and adolescents. Advises, accompanies and strengthens in dealing with a death in the family.

Vacation hotel Lake Constance

Enables children with special needs and their parents to have beautiful and accessible vacations.

First Step

Center for developmental support of children and infants in Tel Aviv, focusing on the First Step Method.

Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP)

Umbrella organization of psychologists working in Switzerland.

Sanfilippo Foundation

Provides support for affected individuals and advancement for Sanfilippo Syndrome research programs.

Fontan Hearts Switzerland

Provides support, information and sharing for parents of children with complex heart defects.

Support association CléA

The "CléA Assistance Platform" creates a digital tool for people with disabilities and is intended to help affected persons and their relatives or caregivers with the challenge of administratively simplifying life with assistance.

Support association for children with rare diseases

Provides financial support to families of children with rare diseases, organizes family events and promotes knowledge transfer on the topic of rare diseases in children and adolescents among parents, professionals and the general public.

Support association red eagle

Electric wheelchair field hockey team from Basel.

Forum Rare Diseases (Austria)

Network to support people with rare diseases in Austria.

FOXP1 International Foundation

The foundation sees itself as a link between FOXP1 families and science.


Supports people with brain injury and their families throughout Switzerland with a wide range of services.

Fragile-X syndrome

Support and accompaniment of families whose children are affected by fragile X syndrome.

Galactosemia Switzerland

Information about galactosemia for parents, affected persons, relatives, teachers and other interested persons.

Seeks to promote the mental health and healthy development of siblings and to raise awareness of the unique situation of siblings.

Society of the Padovan method

Promotes and develops Padovan therapists and lists on the website the recognized Padovan therapists in Switzerland and Germany.

Society for animal assisted therapy and activities

Provides theoretical and practical education and training in animal-assisted therapies, counseling and support services.


Includes information on GIGER MD® therapy for the treatment of central nervous system injuries.

GSR Office

Center for counseling, support and training of children and adolescents with communication disabilities.

Rare Diseases Helpline (Inselspital Bern)

Free service for patients and their families as well as health professionals or insurance companies, which is a contact point for any information concerning rare diseases.

Helpline Rare Diseases (Kantosspital St.Gallen)

Collaboration between the Eastern Switzerland Center for Rare Diseases and the Rare Diseases Helpline, which is a supra-regional service.

Rare Diseases Helpline (University Children's Hospital beider-Basel)

Supports families and affected persons in finding suitable specialists and offers additional clarification and counseling.

Rare Diseases Helpline (University Children's Hospital Zurich)

Free helpline for children and adults of the Children's Hospital Zurich in collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich, offering help for affected persons and relatives of children with rare diseases.

hilfefürmich (Germany)

Digital service platform in Germany that offers patients and their families quality-checked information on various diseases - from diagnosis and therapy to socio-legal issues.

Hippotherapy Center

Offers multiple forms of equine-assisted therapy, customized to meet individual needs and clinical picture.

HSP Self-Help Group Switzerland

Support group for those affected by hereditary spastic spinal paralysis (HSP) of all ages.


Provides home visits with humor for people with disabilities or serious illnesses.

IG Special Children and School

Interest group for parents of children with special education needs, which includes exchange of experiences, lobbying, cooperation with authorities, organizations for the disabled and consulting specialized agencies.

IG Pallas

Swiss interest group for self-defense for women and girls, which offers self-defense courses as well as training & further education courses for trainers*.

Immunodeficiency Switzerland

Provides immunodeficiency sufferers and their families with basic information about immunodeficiencies and specialized medical centers.

Inclusion Handicap

Umbrella organization of organizations of people with disabilities that promotes inclusion and protection of the rights and dignity of all people with disabilities.

AHV-IV Information Office

Works for the compensation offices and IV offices in Switzerland and offers comprehensive and helpful information material on social insurance, direct contact persons as well as information sheets and forms throughout Switzerland.

Inselspital, University Hospital Bern

Provides free social counseling, discharge counseling, assistance with complex nutritional issues, nutritional therapy, and pediatric palliative care in the medical setting at Inselspital Bern.

Insieme Parents Sofa

Network of parents raising a child with intellectual disabilities.

Insieme Switzerland

Engages with and for people with an intellectual disability and includes a variety of regional associations.


Provides support for trisomy 21 sufferers, parents and relatives in German-speaking Switzerland.


Trade association of service providers for people with disabilities, supporting their daily life, education, as well as their access to work.

Integras Professional Association for Social and Special Education

Represents professionalism in working with externally placed and/or special needs children, adolescents and young adults by demanding and promoting ethical and professional high quality standards.

intensiv-kids parents association

Conducts projects to support and help families of seriously ill children and young adults with special needs to help themselves.

International Association for the Promotion of Basal Stimulation e.V.

Dedicated to educational work, research and further development in the concept of Basal Stimulation®.


Self-help organization of people with disabilities who already live with assistance and have employed personal assistants.

JIAS Switzerland

Provides information on research, school programs, and continuing education on Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation (JIAS) - a hearing training program for children and adults.

JUBLA danceless

Is a JUBLA for all and therefore also for children/youth with an impairment. It offers recreational activities for children with special needs different cantons.

Kartagener syndrome and primary ciliary dyskinesia

Support group of affected individuals and family members with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and Kartagener Syndrome.

KiDS-22q11 e.V.

Advocates for people with 22q11 deletion syndrome and their families.

KidsKidneycare Switzerland

Point of contact for financial and pastoral concerns of children with kidney disease and their families.

Kinaesthetics Switzerland

The professional association is an umbrella organization for Swiss Kinaesthetics trainers and maintains a list of these trainers on its website.


Advocates for the rights of children and adolescents in health care to improve conditions of hospitalization and meet their physical and psychological needs.

Child and youth welfare centers

Provides counseling for parents, children and adolescents on topics such as nutrition, care, development, conflict resolution, etc.

Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland

Provides support for children affected by cancer and their families through direct financial assistance, activities and vacations, grief recovery and aftercare.

Children rehab Switzerland

Belongs to the University Children's Hospital Zurich and cares for children and adolescents suffering from the consequences of congenital or acquired diseases or injuries.

Children's Hospital St. Gallen

Considered a regional center of excellence in pediatrics, pediatric and adolescent surgery, adolescent medicine and pediatric psychosomatics. Offers social and nutritional counseling as well as palliative care for sick children.


Counseling and information for concerned parents who have lost a child during pregnancy, at birth or in the first years of life.

Klinefelter Syndrome Switzerland

Information, counseling and networking for affected parents with children who have Klinefelter syndrome.

Conference of Associations of Parents of Disabled Children - KVEB

Enables parents to share their questions, experiences, and knowledge of dealing with children with disabilities and long-term illnesses and make them accessible to other parents.

Contact point for parents with children without fingers / hand / arm

Support group for parents with children without fingers, hand, arm.

Kosys Ltd

The delphineoos® therapy enables the perception of ultrasound frequencies and sounds through the skin.

Swiss Cancer League

Provides advice, support, and information on all topics and services related to the diagnosis of cancer.


Conducts annual events where people with a disability have an unforgettable outing experience as a guest (rider) on a recreational boat.

Life With

Provides group meetings and digital meetups for siblings of deceased children.

Lola sherbet

Family leisure calendar for the entire German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Louis Bar Syndrome

Informs about the disease and allows an exchange with families who are also affected.


Provides assistance, support, counseling and guidance to families of children with visual and hearing-visual impairments.

Lula Fund

Fulfills a personal wish for children with life-threatening illnesses so that they can better survive everyday hospital life.

Lung League

Umbrella organization of cantonal lung leagues, which advises and cares for people with lung and respiratory diseases so that they can live as symptom-free and independently as possible.

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital - Children's Hospital

One of the largest children's hospitals in Switzerland with neonatal intensive care, pediatric traumatology, pediatric oncology and palliative care, and social counseling.

Make-A-Wish Fondation

Realizes the heartfelt wishes of 3 to 18 year old children suffering from a life-threatening illness.

MaRaVal Upper Valais

Rare Diseases Patient Organization, Rare Diseases Coordination Valais

Marfan Foundation Switzerland

Provides counseling and guidance to Marfan syndrome (MFS) sufferers.

Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child

Professional institute for early childhood, which deals with the prerequisites for successful development as well as the prevention of problematic developmental processes


Here, institutions for adults with disabilities offer a variety of day, residential or work opportunities.

Wilson's disease Switzerland

Provides information, advice and help for people affected by Wilson's disease and their relatives, as well as arranging contacts among affected people and professionals.

Music despite everything

Provides musical education especially for children and young people with disabilities - from individual lessons to making music together in a band.

Aftercare Clinic Tannheim (Germany)

Provides treatment to the entire family as part of family-oriented follow-up care for a child's cancer, heart disease or cystic fibrosis, or after the death of the child with the disease.

Swiss Parks Network

Provides accessible activities and events in Swiss parks for people with disabilities.

Noonan Syndrome Switzerland

Provides information, support and networking for those affected by and families of children with Noonan syndrome.

NP Suisse

Provides guidance, support and counseling for Niemann-Pick patients and their families.

Ortho Team AG

Engaged in research and development of aids in orthopedic and rehabilitation technology.

Eastern Switzerland Center for Rare Diseases

Is considered the point of contact for patients who, despite extensive examinations, have not yet received a diagnosis for their symptoms and require more in-depth clarification.


Provides care and companionship to people suffering from a terminal illness in their homes.


Network for children with life-shortening illnesses.

Scout Movement Switzerland

Designs scouting activities for children and youth with mental, physical, or multiple impairments.


Unites pediatric physiotherapists throughout Switzerland and promotes the specialty of pediatric physiotherapy. As an association, it supports, accompanies and promotes pediatric physiotherapists in all areas.


The association promotes and develops physical therapists and lists on the website the physical therapists who are recognized by the association.


Association for parents with children without finger, hand, arm

Pitt Hopkins syndrome

Provides information and sharing for parents of children with Pitt Hopkins syndrome.


Offers courses (i.e., indoor and outdoor games) that are accessible to all disability types.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Switzerland

Provides counseling, information, experience-sharing opportunities, and support and coordination of initiatives to families of those affected by PWS.

Pro Infirmis

Assists people with disabilities and their families with respite services, financial benefits, and information on assistance payments, helplessness allowances, intensive care supplements, and social and legal counseling.

Pro Juventute

Provides support for children with challenges in the areas of "early childhood," "mental health," "media literacy," "transition from school to work," and "participation in society."

Per pallium

Provides relief for families with seriously ill children, networks affected parents, offers special programs for siblings and continues to accompany families after the death of the child.


Has a large network of advice centers. These are distributed throughout Switzerland and help with concerns in the areas of social insurance and barrier-free construction.


Provides a link between patient organizations and people with a rare disease. Connects to Eurodis, the European Network for Rare Diseases.

Pyramid Educational Consultants

The PECS method is an evidence-based communication aid for people with autism and related developmental disorders. The website offers training online and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Legal advice center UP

Works for accident victims, insured persons, patients, etc. in the area of IV benefits (also liability claims, illness and wages, etc.).


Provides a forum for exchange for parents and also regular regional meetings of various self-help groups and parents' regulars' tables for parents of disabled children and babies.

Remeda Allemann + Partner GmbH

Galileo® is used to train muscle strength and power as well as balance reactions. On the website you can find the locations for the training.

Retina Suisse

Self-help organization of people with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), macular degeneration, Usher syndrome and other degenerative retinal diseases.

Rett Association Switzerland

Engages with affected families, organizes meetings, weekends and special educational events. Parents, relatives and friends of people with Rett syndrome should be informed, advised and supported.

Rheumatism League Switzerland

Patient organization to combat rheumatic diseases.

Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation

Provides a temporary home near children's hospitals and specialty clinics for the families of seriously ill children.

SAL - The professional association for speech and language therapists

The association focuses on people with speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders. On the website you can find the speech therapists who are members of the SAL.

SAM Suisse

Self-help organization for people with anal atresia and Hirschsprung's disease.

SBH Switzerland

Interest group for people affected by spina bifida and congenital hydrocephalus.

Divorce Counseling Centers

Listing of public couples counseling centers in various cantons that provide marriage counseling, family counseling, ambivalence counseling, separation counseling, mediation, conflict resolution, divorce counseling, and post-divorce mediation.

Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology (SBAP)

The association is committed to high quality in education and training as well as in the practice of psychological professions (including the awarding of specialist titles) and lists psychotherapists who belong to SBAP on its website.

Swiss Paraplegic Association SPV

As a national self-help and professional organization for paraplegics, it promotes the concerns of para- and tetraplegics throughout Switzerland.

Swiss Registry for Rare Diseases (SRSK)

National Registry for Rare Diseases (SRSK), which collects information on as many people as possible with a rare disease who live and/or are treated in Switzerland.

Swiss Federal Railways SBB

Offers reduced general season ticket or the ID card for travelers with a disability (companion card), as well as blind and visually impaired people.

Swiss Epilepsy Foundation (swissepi)

Provides a support and counseling service for people with epilepsy or other neurological issues and impairments.

Swiss Society for Porphyria

Conveys information and provides support for all concerns of those with or affected by porphyria.

Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SGPP)

Organizes all cantonal psychiatry associations and affiliated specialty-specific societies. Provides overview of psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practices in Switzerland.

Swiss Hemophilia Society

Patient organization for people with blood clotting disorders.

Swiss Muscle Society (muscle sick and strong)

Provides support for people affected by muscle disease and their families.

Swiss Foundation for the Cerebral Palsy Child

Helps where the public sector or insurance companies cannot do so or can only do so partially and pursues the goal that those affected by a cerebral movement impairment and their families can lead as self-determined, mobile and carefree a life as possible.

Swiss Pro Mente Sana Foundation

Provides information and counseling on all aspects of psychosocial health.

Swiss Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

The SVEHK is a parents' association, a self-help group for parents of hearing impaired or deaf children in Switzerland.

Swiss Association for Child and Adolescent Psychology

Child and adolescent psychologists work with children and adolescents and their environment (educators, schools, institutions, authorities). On the website of the association you can find the child and adolescent psychologists who belong to SKJP.

Swiss Association Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Supports people with vitreous bones in all aspects of life (medical, social, legal, aids, etc.) and provides them with information from these mentioned areas.

Swiss Professional Association for Music Therapy SFMT

The association aims to promote and develop music therapy in practice, teaching and research and lists on its website music therapists who belong to SFMT.

Swiss professional association for maternal and paternal counseling

Provides parents with advice and support around child health, development and education.

Swiss Feldenkrais Association SFV

The Association promotes and protects the interests of its members in their work as Feldenkrais Practitioners and is committed to the dissemination of the Feldenkrais Method® in Switzerland. The Feldenkrais Practitioners who belong to the Swiss Feldenkrais Association can be found on the website.

Swiss Children's Spitex Association

Provides care, support and administrative assistance to families with seriously ill children.

Swiss Association of Osteopaths FSO / SVO

The association aims to provide the population with access to quality osteopathic treatments and lists on its website osteopaths who are members of SuisseOsteo.

Swiss Association for Epilepsy (epi suisse)

Provides contact persons for the exchange of talks between people with epilepsy, their parents and relatives and connects interested people with the self-help groups.

Swiss Service Center (SDBB)

Provides career counseling and information services for vocational education and career guidance (VET).

Swiss Red Cross

Provides respite, counseling and course offerings, as well as contacts. It answers important questions about care and nursing. The SRC also offers a paid transportation service.

Promotes awareness on the issues of accessibility, social security and self-determined living.

Self Help Switzerland

Promotes community self-help as well as the support, coordination and networking of all self-help related organizations and sees itself as a service agency of the regional self-help centers in Switzerland.

SELMAS Mastocytosis Switzerland

Association for people affected by mastocytosn, their relatives and their supporters.


Provides information on the exemption from the household tax for recipients of annual supplementary benefits to AHV and IV.

SOGC Auxiliary consulting

Provides advice and service for assistive devices in 8 assistive device centers in Switzerland. SOGC manages the Disability Insurance Aids Depot (IV Depot) and arranges privately financed, free-of-charge second-hand aids for people with physical disabilities.

SMA Switzerland

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient Organization (SMA Switzerland), working with all stakeholders involved in the process of developing therapies.

solicare AG

Provides family caregivers with financial compensation, personal care and support from certified nursing professionals, and substitute and respite care.

Sun for disabled children

Provides financial assistance to families with children with disabilities to provide vacations, recreation and leisure.


Advocates for people with a hearing impairment to realize their right to equal opportunities and social participation in life. This includes early education, vocational training and continuing education for the hearing impaired.

SOS Duchenne

Information and exchange platform on Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Social pedagogical family support SpFplus

Provides socio-educational support for families and individuals in difficult life situations. The offer extends over eastern and central Switzerland and the cantons of Zurich and Aargau.

Think of me foundation

Provides financial support to families of children with rare diseases to help them afford vacation and recreational activities, and maintains lots of info on the website for accessible recreational and vacation opportunities.

Emera Foundation

Provides counseling and support services to people with disabilities - children as well as adults - and their environment adapted to their needs.

Foundation for the child at risk of leukemia

Aims to care for children who are at risk from leukemia. To improve the quality of life of children with long-term illnesses, animal sponsorships are made possible at the Basel Zoo.

Foundation for people with rare diseases

Aims at activities in the field of genetics to support people with rare diseases. This includes genetic testing, research and teaching, as well as therapy of genetic diseases.

Foundation KIFA Switzerland

Cares for and looks after children and adolescents throughout German-speaking Switzerland. The foundation specializes both in the core business of children's spay care and in providing relief for families with children and adolescents in need of care.

Children's Hospice Foundation Switzerland

Takes in children and adolescents with life-limiting illnesses, as well as their parents and siblings, providing temporary relief. In addition, the foundation enables the affected families to take a week's "vacation in the mountains".

Mosaic Foundation

Offers people with a disability and their relatives comprehensive advice, support and information to enable them to live a self-determined and independent life.

Pontas Foundation Switzerland

Accompanies people with disabilities on their way to a self-determined life and supports all parties involved in overcoming organizational and administrative hurdles.

Profile Foundation - Work & Handicap

Assists with work integration and provides information on topics related to work and handicap.

ProMobil Foundation

Provides low-cost transportation to people with limited mobility and low income.

Foundation Swiss Center for Curative and Special Education

Provides information on the integration of children with disabilities into early care, school, and vocational training.

Sonnenhalde Foundation

Provides a specialized temporary care program for children and youth with multiple disabilities.

Sunshine Foundation

Supports families with a child with cancer and works together with the Children's Hospital Zurich and supports the oncology department (incl. treated children and families).

Shooting Star Foundation

Fulfills the dearest wish of the heart of the child and gives the whole family varied trips and carefree leisure activities.

Perception Foundation

Provides educational-therapeutic treatment according to the Affolter Model®.

Wonder Lamp Foundation

Fulfills experience and video wishes, such as a balloon ride, riding in the cab of a steam locomotive or getting to know a famous personality.

Swiss Group for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (SGIEM)

Networks professionals involved in the diagnosis and clinical follow-up of patients* with suspected or proven inborn errors of metabolism.

Swiss Handicap

National fair for people with and without disabilities, addressing topics related to living with an intellectual, physical, mental or sensory disability.


The umbrella organization for the blind and visually impaired lists addresses of important organizations and providers as completely as possible.

Tanne Swiss Foundation for the Deafblind

Center of Excellence for Congenital Hearing Impairment and Related Multiple Sensory Impairment. At any age.

TAR syndrome

Community of affected individuals and family members who regularly share tips and information about TAR syndrome.

Competence center for side-alternating vibration therapy.

TIXI driving services

Provides transportation services for people with disabilities.


Develops neurosensory stimulation devices, provides in-depth training courses worldwide, and works on projects in neuroscience and cognitive science.

Aims to advise and support affected children, parents, care professionals and caregivers with a variety of information.


Develops and designs for youth with disabilities or chronic illness an orderly transition from pediatric to adult medicine & care.

University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB)

Deals with social and insurance law advice, mediation and organization of relief options in everyday family life, nutritional counseling for children as well as pediatric palliative care. In addition, the UKBB organizes parent oases, which offer parents of chronically ill children and adolescents low-threshold access to exchange with other affected families as well as professionals.

University Children's Hospital Zurich (KISPI)

Is the largest center for pediatrics and pediatric surgery in Switzerland. Here, children and adolescents receive medical care and nursing and are cared for together with their families. The social counseling service at the hospital can answer many questions that families have.

University Center for Rare Diseases Basel

Offers in-depth diagnostic clarifications, coordination of cooperation between various clinics, specialist institutes and hospitals, helpline for affected persons and relatives as well as internal hospital training and research.

Association Kinder-Spitex Switzerland

Association of pediatric spitex organizations and freelance nurses involved in pediatric care in the out-of-hospital setting.

Association Childcare Switzerland

Competence center for institutional child care. This includes coordination of cooperation between different clinics, specialist institutes and hospitals, helpline for affected persons and relatives as well as training and further education of pedagogical staff.

Abri association

Supported by the therapy dogs of Bodmer Dog Therapy and School, the association visits children and families in homes, schools or at home.

Association Disabled Travel Zurich

Organizes rides for all people who cannot use public transportation due to a disability.

Dasein association - support at the end of life

Provides companionship for people at the end of life by experienced and well-trained volunteers. They support and relieve relatives and come into action when close persons are missing.

EpiDogs for Kids Association

Supports families living in Switzerland with children affected by epilepsy in the acquisition and training of epilepsy companion dogs.

Association for Centronuclear Myopathies

German-speaking, international association for people with centronuclear myopathies.

Association shine time

Provides relief in childcare and if needed in everyday family life such as housekeeping with cleaning, cooking, washing, shopping, etc.

Association hiki (help for brain injured children)

Supports families with brain-injured children and adolescents. The association offers counseling, assistance with care at home, direct financial assistance as well as informational events.

Heavenly Child Association

Provides grief counseling for parents whose child has died.

Association IIH Switzerland

Association and knowledge platform for parents and caregivers of children with idiopathic infantile hypercalcemia.

Impulsis association

Offers career integration programs for students (e.g. individual coaching for career entry, bridge programs with internship, coaching and training). The association also offers support during and after education as well as job coaching for (young) adults.

Association Crisis and Bereavement Support Switzerland

Supports those affected by loss and crisis situations.

Association LEONA e.V.

Includes a comprehensive collection of information and links on rare chromosomal disorders, as well as testimonials from affected families.

Association liebi+

Runs a counseling and education center in Zurich for people with cognitive impairments on the topics of sexuality, relationships and sexual violence.

Association Lilli

Provides free and anonymous counseling for adolescents and young adults with the goal of preventing violence and promoting sexual health.

Association More Life Basel

Strives to relieve pain, avoid social isolation, and provide caring support to those in the dying process.

Association Mucopolysaccharidosis Switzerland

Parents association of affected families of children with mucopolysaccharidosis.

Network Heart Blood Association

Supports and accompanies families after strokes of fate.

Association space for siblings

Offers a comprehensive range of services related to siblings of children, adolescents and adults with an illness or disability.

Rainbow Switzerland Association

Supports families grieving for a deceased child and the fosters friendship and solidarity among those affected.

Association Accompanying the Seriously Ill (VSB)

Volunteers help and get involved at home, in homes and in hospitals. They care for seriously ill people to relieve the burden on family caregivers.

Star talers association

Supports and accompanies families with a sick, disabled or star child in very different ways and as appropriate for the families.

Association Therapy Dogs Switzerland

Trains interested owners together with their dogs to form teams. After successful completion of the final examination, they are able to work in hospitals, nursing homes or rehabilitation clinics.

Association for the Promotion of Apprenticeship Placement in Switzerland

Offers all companies and young people the opportunity to advertise apprenticeships/internships/taster apprenticeships or apprenticeship applications free of charge.

Association - Swiss Group for Hippotherapy-K®

The professional association promotes and develops hippotherapy-K as a medical-therapeutic measure and lists on the website the therapists for hippotherapy who belong to the association.

Association of Academic Osteopaths Switzerland

Promotes a high level of qualification of osteopaths working in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein and maintains a list of osteopathic therapists.

Association Cerebral Switzerland

Counsels and accompanies affected individuals and families with a child with cerebral motor disabilities.

Association of Parents of Split Children (VES)

Association of parents of children with a cleft lip, jaw and palate (LKG) and Pierre Robin. The VES accompanies parents and their children through information exchange and support in difficult phases of life.

Association of Road Traffic Offices

Here you can apply for a parking card for a disabled parking space.

Association Williams-Beuren Syndrome Switzerland

Promotes Exchange of information between affected families of children with Williams-Beuren syndrome. Supports the social integration of those affected and advocates for the protection of the interests and recognition of the rights of Rights of WBS persons.

Vesalius Ltd. - Myoreflex therapy

Provides a list of practices in Switzerland that offer myoreflex therapy.


National platform that aims to make it easier to combine a career with caring for relatives. The focus of the offering is on care for elderly relatives, but also includes information on other care situations. SAW

Swiss association of volunteer active professionals who fulfill wishes / heartfelt requests of terminally ill people of all ages free of charge.

ZaZa Care - Dentistry for children with disabilities

ZaZa was specially developed for the needs of children with disabilities, their parents, caregivers and the treating professionals. Children with disabilities often have special problems with their teeth. Therefore, they also need special attention, treatment and support.

Center for Hearing and Languages

Offers three residential groups in which students are accompanied holistically and supports parents in their educational task.

Center for Rare Diseases (CRD) of the Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

Center for Rare Diseases at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

Center for Rare Diseases Inselspital Bern

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.

Center for Rare Diseases Zurich

Specializes in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The clarifications and treatments are carried out with the involvement of a team of experts from various disciplines.